snapshot of score of The Bossa Nova Variations

The Bossa Nova Variations for sextet

My Works

The links on the right are to the works in my own entirely subjective order of significance. Below is a chronological list of the same stuff. It’s fairly complete (I haven’t been hugely prolific over my lifetime), though there are plenty of other bits and bobs lurking in drawers.

If you are interested in performing any of these works, naturally I’d be delighted to hear from you!

Where you see this icon:This piece available on YouTube there is a YouTube video available to see and hear (usually with a ‘score fly-through’), both on YouTube itself and on the work’s page on this site; this iconThis piece available on SoundCloud means there’s audio available from SoundCloud (those two tend to go together); and this oneAudio available for this piece means there’s an MP3 to listen to on this site only. These audio tracks are all accessible from the Listen page too.

And finally, a few oddities:

Please note that wherever you see scores on this site they will always be at concert pitch with the exception of instruments that transpose by octaves (piccolos, double basses, etc.).