Perfect Stranger

Fusion • Prog • Third Stream

The band that never was... (but now is again)

In brief, this is a revival of a project from 1974 that never came to fruition. Click below for full details...

But first!

Perfect Stranger finally has its own web site! Yes, you can now get all the latest news ansd information from there, including biographies of the musicians. The historical part is slightly less detailed than here though, so this page will stay put for the foreseeable future.

Ancient History

The Return!

Gigs and recordings


Although this project seemed to have bitten the dust back in the 70s, I wasn’t discouraged from this general compositional direction, and it led on to one of my most ambitious works, Music for an Imaginary Ballet for jazz/rock sextet and orchestra (as yet unperformed, need I add?). There are also touches of this sort of thing in later pieces such as my Trumpet Concerto and Invisible Cities.