snapshot of score of Variations on a theme of George Harrison

Variations on a theme of George Harrison for septet

Good afternoon! Welcome to my web site, where you can find out about my music, and listen to some of it, as well as my various other ventures over the years.

The final movement (but first to be composed) of my new chamber orchestra work Hall of Mirrors is now complete, along with my usual MIDI recording (which was a bit of a nightmare to mix!).

Next project (possibly) — and even more overdue than Hall of Mirrors — an orchestral version of my 1977/85 Trumpet Concerto (for trumpet and brass band). We’ll see…

Psychoyogi News

(For newcomers to this site, along with the activities described here, I also play fretless bass guitar in Psychoyogi — see my Biography.)

Our current album, Shrine, is still available to download and listen to on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon (among others?).

No fewer than 4 (four!) new gigs lined up: Sunday 29 January at the Montague Arms, New Cross; Saturday 11 Feb ‘back home’ at Biddle Bros. in Lower Clapton Road, London E5; Fri 17 Feb at the Prince Albert in Brighton (we’re spreading!); and Fri 24 Feb at our other home, the Birds Nest in Deptford. (See the Psychoyogi site for addresses and maps.) Do come and bring all your friends…

Older News

Apart from all that, naturally, this web site: explore my works, read my biography, keep track of your harp pedal settings, and see what’s on the various other pages. You can also get in touch with me via the Contact form. And for those with a taste for historical technical curiosities, there’s even a page about my NotaFile document — and the document itself.

As well as listening to my MIDI recordings on this site, you can visit my channels on YouTube and SoundCloud to hear the same MIDI realizations of eight of my works, and see the same YouTube videos as you can see here, to get a glimpse of the scores (in most cases). These pieces are available: Hall of Mirrors V, Bebop, lovesongs, The Bossa Nova Variations, Return of the Son of the Bebop Variations, Variations on a Theme of George Harrison, Music for an Imaginary Ballet, Five Pieces for Saxophone Quartet and a little musical joke called Porterstraum.

Also on the Listen page is my standard disclaimer about MIDI recordings, and a note about browser compatibility with the players for YouTube, SoundCloud and plain MP3s embedded in these pages.

And in case anyone’s wondering, what I’m actually looking at in that photo is not the score of Variations on a theme of George Harrison, but a large owl perched on my wrist.